Highlights – Issue 40, Fall 2010

NASA + SpaceX Work Together

The shared goal of future spaceflight builds a bridge between organizational cultures.
By Andrew Chambers and Dan Rasky

The Freedom to Learn

Looking back at a long NASA career, Boyd shows the value of learning by doing and being open to new ideas.
By Jack Boyd

X-15: Pushing the Envelope

The experimental rocket plane blazed a trail for the space program.
By Kerry Ellis

From Sketch Pad to Launchpad

A committed team helped make the shuttle a reality.
By Haley Stephenson

Shaping the Shuttle

Langley’s wind-tunnel tests provided data essential to designing the shuttle.
By Jim Hodges

A Carrier Team One Risk Management Success Story

A Navy risk management program improves aircraft carrier maintenance.
By Dan Fontaine

MIDAS: Keys to Software Success

Clearly defined requirements and extensive testing are essential to successful development of a software tool.
By Jeff Cline

Interview with Wayne Hale

The former shuttle program manager talks about career-long learning and what the Columbia accident taught the agency.
By Matthew Kohut

Case Study: Making Compliance Comprehensible

A pharmaceutical company finds ways to turn required documentation into tools for improving how work gets done.
By Joseph A. Horvath

Peer Assist: Learning Before Doing

Faced with challenging projects, teams call on colleagues with relevant experience.
By Kent A. Greenes

The Impact of Energy on Projects

The energy of outstanding performers can be measured.
By Christie Dowling, Alexandra Gerbasi, and Vic Gulas

NASA Knowledge Forum 2: Knowledge in Projects

Panelists at the forum discuss informal and formal ways of giving project teams the knowledge they need.
By Haley Stephenson

ASK Magazine, Issue 40, Fall 2010

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