Highlights – Issue 41, Winter 2011

Applied Knowledge: NASA Aids the Chilean Rescue Effort

NASA’s spaceflight expertise helped bring trapped Chilean miners safely to the surface.
By Don Cohen

Factoring in Humans

We still have a lot to learn about the effects of microgravity on astronauts.
By Haley Stephenson

The Path to Scientific Discoveries: Designing the Cassini Solstice Mission Trajectory

Planning orbits for Cassini’s extended science mission is a science and an art.
By Brent Buffington

Mars on a Budget

Why did this faster, better, cheaper project succeed? Openness to outside help is one reason.
By Randall Taylor

Spaceflight Hardware on a Service Contract

A performance-based contract rewards successful operation of new space station hardware.
By Jason Crusan, Marybeth Edeen, Kevin Grohs, and Darren Samplatsky

Explosive Lessons in Hydrogen Safety

Learning the hard way to reduce liquid hydrogen risks.
By Russel Rhodes

Lessons from the National Ignition Facility

An ambitious new project demands new approaches to planning and management.
By Matthew Kohut

Interview with Jill Prince

The Langley engineer talks about the challenges of aerobraking and the value of “diving right in” at the start of a NASA career.

The Potential of a New Workplace

In Europe and Japan, “Future Centers” feature spaces designed to enhance creative thinking.
By Naoki Ogiwara

Special Pullout

Academy Sharing Knowledge

Jamming with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement

“Jamming” is an effective technique for sharing organizational knowledge.
By Katrina Pugh and Jo Ann Endo

Innovative Partnership Finds Answers to Modeling Lunar Dust

To learn more about managing lunar dust, NASA and a simulation technology company pool their expertise.
By Carol Anne Dunn, Carlos Calle, and Richard LaRoche

The Innovation Paradox

Sometimes organizational “support” kills good new ideas.
By Ed Hoffman

ASK Magazine, Issue 41, Winter 2011

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