Highlights – Issue 42, Spring 2011

Galileo’s Rocky Road to Jupiter

Determination and ingenuity saved the Galileo mission.
By Erik N. Nilsen and P.A. “Trisha” Jansma

Rapid Prototyping and Analog Testing for Human Space Exploration

Testing new space technologies on Earth guides innovation.
By Douglas Craig

NASA EDGE: Providing an Inside and Outside Look at NASA

Unscripted vodcasts give experts and amateurs insight into NASA programs.
By Blair Allen

Permission to Stare—and Learn

The history of spaceflight is told in great photographs.
By Kerry Ellis

Leading the Race to Space

Comparing the U.S. and Soviet space programs of the sixties, the author profiles two leaders.
By Piers Bizony

Reflecting on HOPE

A group of young Jet Propulsion Laboratory employees launch a mission and learn how to work as a team.
By Don Heyer

Solar Dynamics Observatory Lessons Affirmed

For this complex mission, rigorous testing was essential.
By Brent Robertson and Michael Bay

Configuration Management: A Record and a Resource

Flexibility and humor help a configuration manager document NASA projects.
By Debbie Dusterwald

Mars Science Lab: The Challenge of Complexity

Increasing complexity makes systems testing a challenge.
By Richard Cook

Crew Resource Management Improves Decision Making

A technique for responding to aircraft emergencies can improve project decisions.
By Jerry Mulenburg

Interview with Rüdiger Süß

The German Aerospace Center’s project manager for corporate strategy talks about earning the commitment of managers.
By Don Cohen

Managing in an Unsettled Environment

Uncertain times call for thoughtful planning and clear communication.
By Scott J. Cameron

Volunteers Wanted: Best Practices from Volunteer Organizations

A compelling vision, support, and recognition build commitment.
By Keith L. Woodman

ASK Magazine, Issue 42, Spring 2011

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