Highlights – Issue 44, Fall 2011
  • Managing the Bad Day

    Managing the Bad Day

    By Daniel Andrews It’s 3:30 a.m. on Saturday, August 22, 2009. My cell phone rings. As the project manager for the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS), I was used to sleeping with the phone near my bed ever since launch.

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  • Rendezvous with an Asteroid

    Rendezvous with an Asteroid

    By Andrew Cheng   NEAR was the Near-Earth Asteroid Rendezvous, the first launch in NASA’s Discovery Program—and the first dedicated asteroid mission. The plan was to insert the vehicle into orbit around Eros, one of the larger near-Earth asteroids. Not everything went according to plan.

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Managing the Bad Day

Faced with a possibly mission-ending problem, a project manager helps his team focus on a solution.
By Daniel Andrews

From the Soviet Union to NASA: An Intern’s Journey

Her family's passionate involvement in the Soviet space program leads a young woman to NASA.
By Alina Zater

International Life Support

NASA and the Russian space agency work together to reduce a space station risk.
By Kerry Ellis

The Dream Chaser: Back to the Future

Building on decades of research by NASA and the Soviets, a private company is designing a new crew vehicle.
By Jim Hodges

Weathering Ike

Maintaining space station operations during Hurricane Ike required both planning and flexibility.
By Haley Stephenson

Rendezvous with an Asteroid

The NEAR mission: science on a budget.
By Andrew Cheng

Interview with Jeffrey Hoffman

The scientist-astronaut talks about the value and challenges of doing science in space.
By Don Cohen

Fluids Management for Affordable Spaceflight

To reduce spaceflight costs, designers should simplify fluid requirements.
By Russel Rhodes

Government and Academia Study Systems-Thinking Development

A NASA–MIT collaboration investigates the making of good systems engineers.
By Danielle Wood, Heidi Davidz, Donna Rhodes, and Maria So

Viewpoint: Putting the Science Back in Rocket Science

The author calls for new research to advance space propulsion.
By Glen A. Robertson

Why Wikis at NASA?

Wikis support collaboration at many NASA centers.
By Jon Verville, Patricia Jones, and Mark Rober

Managing Stakeholder Styles to Optimize Decision Making

Understanding how people decide leads to better project decisions.
By Vania Neves

ASK Magazine, Issue 44, Fall 2011

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