Highlights – Issue 45, Winter 2012
  • Building the Future Spacesuit

    Building the Future Spacesuit

    By Dava Newman   For the past dozen years, I have been working with colleagues and students here at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and with collaborators in various disciplines from around the world to develop a new kind of spacesuit.

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  • Interview with Bryan OConnor

    Interview with Bryan OConnor

    By Matthew Kohut     Bryan O’Connor retired as chief of Safety and Mission Assurance on August 31, 2011, after serving nearly a decade as NASA’s top safety and mission assurance official.

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  • WIRE: Learning from Failure

    WIRE: Learning from Failure

    By Bryan Fafaul and Kerry Ellis   In 1999, the Wide-field Infrared Explorer (WIRE) lost its primary mission thirty-six hours after launch. Those who worked on WIRE, which was the fifth of the Explorer Program’s Small Explorer-class missions, thought they had done what they needed to achieve success.

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Getting Cozy with Our Closest Star

Observations from NASA science missions are helping scientists solve mysteries of solar physics.
By Holly R. Gilbert

Juno: A Look Back at Successful Development

The team developing this mission to Jupiter focused on reducing risk.
By Jan Chodas

Managing Canada’s Contribution to the James Webb Space Telescope

The Canadian Space Agency has built two essential instruments for JWST.
By Karl Saad

Building the Future Spacesuit

Led by MIT engineers, a multidisciplinary team is designing a new kind of space suit.
By Dava Newman

What Works Luncheon

Knowledge sharing over lunch at Goddard.
By Maureen Madden

WIRE: Learning from Failure

Poor communication and inadequate testing crippled an Explorer Program mission.
By Bryan Fafaul and Kerry Ellis

Something to Shout About: Bloodhound Supersonic Car

This project has attracted young and old engineers and engaged thousands of students.
By Haley Stephenson

The Importance of Human Factors

Moving from a technical to a managerial job, the author learned to value a healthy working environment.
By Alessandro Ercolani

Interview with Bryan OConnor

NASA’s former chief of Safety and Mission Assurance talks about understanding risk and the risk of complacency.
By Matthew Kohut

Exploring Science with NASA

Stiff competition ensures that missions chosen by the Science Mission Directorate will deliver valuable results.
By Paul Hertz

Hands-On vs. Hands-Off Project Management at ESA

Depending on circumstances, strict agency oversight of projects can be necessary or counterproductive.
By Bob Chesson

Lessons from Lincoln

Leaders and managers can learn from this story of the great president’s pragmatism and openness.
By Roger Forsgren

ASK Magazine, Issue 45, Winter 2012

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