Highlights – Issue 46, Spring 2012
  • GALEX: Managing the Unexpected

    GALEX: Managing the Unexpected

    By James Fanson   They say that good things come in small packages, and this has certainly been true for NASA’s Explorer Program. Explorers are among the lowest-cost missions flown by NASA, but they can pack a big scientific punch.

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  • The Million-Mile Rescue

    The Million-Mile Rescue

    By the NASA Safety Center   The Solar Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) is a major element of the joint International Solar Terrestrial Program between NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA).

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  • Building the Watson Team

    Building the Watson Team

    By David Ferrucci   On January 14, 2011, I was in the audience at IBM’s Watson Research Lab in Yorktown, New York, along with company executives, major clients, and my project team when our Watson computer soundly defeated two human champions in the third round of their Jeopardy! competition.

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GALEX: Managing the Unexpected

As GALEX shows, small projects can be as challenging as big ones.
By James Fanson

Building the Watson Team

A highly collaborative IBM team built the computer that won Jeopardy!
By David Ferrucci

The NASA Digital Astronaut Project

By modeling the effects of long-term spaceflight, this project is teaching NASA how to protect future astronauts.
By Lealem Mulugeta and DeVon Griffin

International Collaboration on BepiColombo

To make this shared mission possible, European and Japanese teams have taken time to understand their different ways of working.
By Elsa Montagnon

An Argentine Partnership with NASA

Constant communication melds diverse partners into an effective team.
By Matthew Kohut

Space-Propulsion Technology Helps Suppress Fires Faster

A new flow technology for rocket engines leads to dramatic improvement in firefighting.
By Bo Schwerin

CLARREO: Bringing Disciplines Together

The CLARREO team has developed a tool to weigh science value against cost and risk.
By David Young

The Million-Mile Rescue

Procedural errors made while modifying software threatened a solar-observatory mission.
By the NASA Safety Center

Efficiency Through Document Automation

Careful observation of work practices helps automation specialists simplify document creation.
By Robert Delwood

Interview with Lisa May

The program exec for MAVEN talks about how science missions are chosen and managed.
By Don Cohen

Managing Multicultural Teams

For this IT project, cultural competence was as important as technical know-how.
By Conrado Morlan

ASK Magazine, Issue 46, Spring 2012

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