Highlights – Issue 47, Summer 2012
  • The Sky Crane Solution

    The Sky Crane Solution

    By Don Cohen For all these missions, entering and descending through the Martian atmosphere and putting an undamaged lander on the surface (the mission phase known as EDL, for entry, descent, and landing) has been technically demanding.

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  • The Challenge of Collaboration

    The Challenge of Collaboration

    Based on an interview with Lyn Wigbels The International Space Station (ISS) is a technological marvel. The size of a football field, with a mass of almost one million pounds, it has been continuously inhabited by astronauts and cosmonauts for more than ten years.

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Kepler: The Long Road to Other Worlds

It took years of persistence and ingenuity to prove that Kepler could find exoplanets.
By Kerry Ellis

Sinking the Unsinkable: Lessons for Leadership

The mistakes behind the Titanic's sinking 100 years ago offer lessons to today's project managers.
By Pedro C. Ribeiro

The Challenge of Collaboration

A technical marvel, the International Space Station is also a marvel of international collaboration.
By Based on an interview with Lyn Wigbels

Scientific Visualization: Where Art Meets Science and Technology

At NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio, art serves science and science education.
By Helen-Nicole Kostis and Don Cohen

The Sky Crane Solution

The novel approach used to put the Mars Science Lab on the surface of Mars draws on decades of entry, descent, and landing experience.
By Don Cohen

RU Ready for the Future? Rocket University Helps Pave the Way

Rocket University uses hands-on experience to teach technical and systems management skills.
By Steven Sullivan and Chris Iannello

Refurbishing the VAB

The building that serviced Apollo Saturn rockets and the shuttle is being readied for tomorrow's launch vehicles.
By Jose Lopez

There to Help: NASA’s Ombudsman Program

NASA’s ombudsmen offer a safe, confidential environment where employees can discuss workplace issues.
By Ruth McWilliams and Rex Elliott

The People Behind the NASA Engineering Network

Active facilitation and trust-building meetings help online communities thrive.
By Manson Yew

Knowledge Topics: A Vital Project Resource

Complex projects depend on social capital: networks of trusting, mutually supportive individuals.
By Don Cohen

Is Your Project Viable?

Like living organisms, projects must adapt to changing circumstances.
By Keith L. Woodman and Paul W. Krasa

ASK Magazine, Issue 47, Summer 2012

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