Highlights – Issue 48, Fall 2012

Learning from the NuSTAR Launch Delay

In the process of solving a launch-vehicle problem, NASA and Orbital Sciences explore new ways of working together.
By Don Cohen

SCaN Testbed: Battling Flight-Schedule Killers

Aggressively tracking and fixing problems kept this Glenn project on schedule.
By Ann Over

Problem Solving on the Fly

Commitment and creative thinking solve problems that could have grounded SIERRA.
By Melissa Pandika

Understanding International Project Management

What the author learned at APPEL's International Project Management course helps guide her work at the ISS Payload Operations Center.
By Angela Marsh

Project Knowledge in the Moment

At Goddard, Pause and Learn sessions provide opportunities to reflect on work in progress.
By Barbara Fillip

Changing the Project Execution Culture at NASA Dryden

Leaders at Dryden learn how to overcome resistance to change.
By Thomas J. Horn

Interview with Lynn Cline

NASA’s lead negotiator for Russian space station participation says trust and shared vision made the four-year process possible.
By Don Cohen

Beyond the ISS

A group of space station agreement negotiators reflect on what they have learned.
By L. Cline, P. Finarelli, G. Gibbs, and I. Pryke

From Masters with Masters: Jack Boyd and Hans Mark

Two NASA veterans discuss leadership, risk, and the agency’s vision for the future.

Building the Goddard Career-Path Tool

Devising a map to guide career choices at Goddard was a collaborative effort.
By David Wilhelm, Nancy Lindsey, Maria So, Nichole Pinkney, and Nancy Rackley

Getting the Most from Your Mentor

Advice on how both parties can benefit from a mentoring relationship.
By Richard McDermott

ASK Magazine, Issue 48, Fall 2012

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