Highlights – Issue 49, Winter 2013
  • The Thermal Design Challenge

    The Thermal Design Challenge

    By Mike Menzel   The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), scheduled for launch in 2018, is expected to show us the most distant galaxies that formed in the early life of the universe. To do this, it has light-gathering capability unprecedented in a space telescopeits 6.5-meter-diameter mirror has more than six times the light-collecting area […]

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  • Solving Challenges Through Mass Collaboration

    Solving Challenges Through Mass Collaboration

    By Nick Skytland   One of the things astronauts who have had the privilege of traveling to space talk about when they return is what it’s like to see Earth from space, and the orbital perspective this brings. They talk about what it means to live in a world where we are more interconnected and […]

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ASK Magazine, Issue 49, Winter 2013

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