Highlights – Issue 5, September 2001

The Trouble with Success

Plan and hope for success, pray for luck, but be ready to address failure.
By John Brusnon

Three Screws Missing

The take-away lesson was the realization that you can arrive at success in many different ways.
By Michael Skidmore

Know Thyself -- But Don't Forget to Learn about the Customer Too

The most compelling sales pitch you can make is 'I understand what you need.'
By Jenny Baer-Riedhart

Our Man in Kuaui

It showed we weren't afraid to risk embarrassment and that we all trusted each other.
By Ray Morgan

The Lawn Dart

Fortunately we had our share of out-of-the-box thinkers on our voodoo team.
By Michael Jansen

There Are No Mistakes, Only Lessons The Don Quixote Complex

The cost of pushing on the system, in this case, far outweighed the benefits.
By Terry Little

The Hour Glass and the Project Manager Part 2: Improving your Hierarchical IQ

The key is to listen to what the hierarchy is telling you about your project.
By W. Scott Cameron

The Art of Scheduling

Many project managers succeed or fail depending on how well they deal with scheduling.
By Terry Little

Refining Procedures: Calling All Stakeholders

Procedures are tools. Like tools, they need to be sharpened and honed.
By Ray Morgan

ASK Talks with Jerry Madden

NASA/Goddard's former Associate Director of Flight Projects talks about project management in today's environment.

ASK Magazine, Issue 5, September 2001

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