Highlights – Issue 6, January 2002
  • Hangar Bash

    Hangar Bash

    By Ray Morgan Nobody wishes for misfortune or accidents, but if you’re not too proud, and you understand that plenty of great developments stem from a botched plan or someone’s initial missteps, you begin to look for growth potential in accidents too.

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  • Going and Coming

    By W. Scott Cameron Presently, I am in the process of adding and subtracting Project Management responsibilities to and from my current assignment, and I am developing strategies to execute these changes.

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  • Are You on This Team?

    Are You on This Team?

    One day, on an impulse, I asked the 80 or so folks working for me the following question in a staff meeting: “Say I was to line up everyone here by the degree to which each person was pulling his or her weight in supporting the overall team; where would you be in the line?

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Even Politics Is Project Work

You cannot afford to be a 10 in operations and a 4 in project work.
By Julie A. Pollitt

The One Thing You Need to Know

It sounds simple, just one requirement, but trying to pull it off was anything but that.
By Dougal Maclise

A Good Fellow

Together we looked at the cracks, and it turned out that they were real.
By Dr. Arnold R. Marder

When To Say No

I had accepted many "bad" jobs in the past, but this one was over the top.
By David Collins

Hangar Bash

I have to admit -- the next morning when I learned about the accident it crossed my mind that maybe we were finished.
By Ray Morgan

Going and Coming

There is a time for fixing a plan and a time for devising a new plan.
By W. Scott Cameron

Are You on This Team?

My out-of-the-blue question had struck a very tender cord.
By Terry Little

Open Newsletters

To build trust, you must demonstrate your own trust in others.
By Terry Little

ASK talks with Sherry Buschmann

As a true leader it's important to explain to people why things are important to you.

ASK Magazine, Issue 6, January 2002

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