Highlights – Issue 7, March 2002
  • My Big Wall

    By Paul S. Espinosa “Rain! Rain! Why today?” I cursed to myself. It was June and I was in Yosemite National Park in California, 2,000 feet off the ground. I was climbing El Capitan, a majestic 3,000-foot high, mile-wide granite monolith — one of the most sought after and spectacular rock climbs in the world.

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  • The Join-Up Meeting

    By W. Scott Cameron I recently took on a new assignment and, as is my norm, I scheduled a series of one-hour, 1:1 join-up meetings with the various lead personnel on the team and their hierarchy.

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  • Willpower

    By Terry Little I am struck by how often failure is blamed on a lack of discipline. You often hear losing coaches cite this as the reason for a big loss.

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Activation Energy

At one point early in the course, almost everyone in our group was vying to become the team leader.
By Owen Gadeken

How I Love My 80 Percenters

Respect people and you are much more likely to get more than you bargained for from them.
By Anthony J. Maturo

Keeping the Deal

I made sure that nobody was so indispensable that we couldn't do without him or her.
By Dr. Michael Hecht

The Idyllic Workplace

Within the Space Station task force, there was no such thing as a dumb idea.
By Tony E. Schoenfelder

My Big Wall

Good judgment sometimes means cutting your losses lest you lose everything.
By Paul Espinosa

The Join-Up Meeting

The face-to-face join-up meeting is integral to understanding each "I" in the team.
By W. Scott Cameron


Program and project managers have to be vigilant about maintaining discipline.
By Terry Little

Hot Meetings

When decisions have to be made, I believe people must speak up.
By Mary Chiu

ASK Talks with W. Scott Cameron

W. Scott Cameron talks about motivating a team and the value of effective communication.

ASK Magazine, Issue 7, March 2002

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