Highlights – Issue 8, May 2002

Loss and Recovery

There were no plans or work-arounds for what occurred just a few minutes after launch.
By Ken Schwer

Boiling Point

Problem was, I had an extremely limited background in this (indeed, any) type of thermal analysis.
By Michael C. Jansen

When My Name Suddenly Was "Murphy"

My project manager's confidence in me brought out my confidence in myself.
By David Mitchell

Less of Me

Right from the get-go the hardware development team was behind schedule and over budget.
By Tim Owen

Is There a Perfect Organization?

Too many managers are concerned with appearing to know more than anyone below them.
By Julie Schonfeld

A Big Raise, A Promotion, Or...

The stage was set to explore new ways to recognize individuals and their contributions.
By W. Scott Cameron

Three Insights About Change

I have come to understand how fragile credibility is and that establishing and maintaining it is continuous.
By Terry Little

Continuous Risk Management

Risk identification is an ongoing activity that takes place during the routine project workflow.
By Phil Sabelhaus

ASK Talks with Joseph Rothenberg

NASA Associate Administrator for Space Flight (Retired 2001) shares his perspective on four decades of project management.

ASK Magazine, Issue 8, May 2002

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