Highlights – Issue 9, October 2002

Test What You Fly?

In this case, I was willing to take the risk of not testing what I flew.
By Donald Margolies

A Gentle Touch

Throughout, a gentle touch paid off, and kept everyone working together toward the same goal.
By Allan Frandsen

Customer Responsiveness

Overall, I think the team, myself included, became a lot better at approaching communications during this experience.
By Mary Chiu

Two Outs, Bottom of the Ninth

With the loss of the second Flight Ops Team lead, and only eight months to prepare, I had a sinking feeling in my stomach.
By Frank Snow

Simplify and Succeed

To my surprise, the rest of the project team took the idea seriously. Suddenly I realized, Hey, why not?
By Art Levine

What Has He Done For Me Lately?

I realized the written and verbal communications response time was suddenly being measured in days or minutes.
By W. Scott Cameron

How Do We Work Together?

Actions speak volumes in a government-contractor relationship.
By Terry Little

The "Tried and True"

The best way to smooth out differences between team members about work is to round people out.
By Frank Snow

ASK Talks with Judy Stokley

Air Force program manager Judy Stokley reflects on her leadership in reforming one of the largest weapons systems programs in the US military.

ASK Magazine, Issue 9, October 2002

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