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Podcast Episode 27: Megatrends for Engineering Systems

Anna McGowan, NASA’s Senior Engineer for Complex Systems Design, discusses engineering trends and the impact of rapid technology changes.

Karim Courey
Critical Knowledge inSight: In-House Manufacturing Process

Having in-house expertise can be a great advantage to help with problem solving in the manufacturing process when materials are no longer commercially available.

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Podcast Episode 26: NASA IV&V

NASA Independent Verification and Validation Program Director Greg Blaney discusses the impact of IV&V on high-profile NASA missions.

APPEL KS Unveils New Resource for Technical Workforce

Knowledge Inventory contains valuable links to key information.

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Critical Knowledge inSight: Innovation from Failure

Learning from failures can help facilitate innovation for technologies that will increase future mission success. 

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Podcast Episode 25: NASA Technology Transfer

NASA Technology Transfer Program Executive Dan Lockney discusses the transfer of innovative space and aeronautics technologies for practical, terrestrial applications.

Virtual Project Management Challenge: Building Effective Project Teams for Mission Success

NASA’s mission-critical work is performed by project teams. The following projects are featured in this session: Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment (SAGE) III, and Astro-H.

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Podcast Episode 24: TechPort

NASA TechPort’s Patrick Murphy and Ryan Miller discuss how technologists and innovators can use the tool to exchange ideas for groundbreaking solutions.

Podcast Episode 23: Swamp Works

NASA Swamp Works Senior Technologist Rob Mueller discusses technologies being developed for missions to the Moon and Mars.