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In This Issue: Stories of Innocence, Stories of Experience

By Todd Post The title above is of course an allusion to the great English poet William Blake and his two masterworks Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience.

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Conference Report: Masters Forum IV, February ’02

By Todd Post The purpose of the APPL Masters Forum is to bring together some of the best project managers at NASA, as well as those in industry and other government agencies, for 2 1/2 days of knowledge sharing.

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In This Issue: Teaming with Possibilities

By Todd Post What makes a successful team? This issue our contributors look closely at the subject and come up with several answers.

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In This Issue: Looking Back, Looking Forward

By Todd Post Hard to believe we’ve done six issues already. Our charter was to come out bimonthly, and only 9-11 slowed down our production schedule.

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Conference Report: Born Under a Good Sign

By Todd Post The 2001 Master’s Forum was held at the Doubletree Hotel in Tysons Corner, Virginia, and NASA project managers from every center were on hand.

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In This Issue: How Big Is Your Project World?

By Todd Post How big is your project world? Is it big enough to contain other cultures, headquarters, hierarchies, and weird harpoon-like guns? Sure it is. The great American poet Walt Whitman said it best, “I am large/I contain multitudes.” And so must you, Mr. and Ms. Project Manager.

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In This Issue: No Dog and Pony Shows, Thank You

By Todd Post Not everyone looks forward to reviews. “Dog and pony shows” I’ve heard them called. Exercises in putting together PowerPoint charts.

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In This Issue: Flexibility, Adaptability and More

By Todd Post Ideally, no project would ever change from planning to implementation. That means no requirements revised, no budgets revisited, no schedules missed, no personnel reassigned, no reason to worry… at least on paper… right!

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All Requirements Are Not Equal

By Todd Post In my last Conference Report, I told you about the KS East and West Meetings in December. March 12-15 found KS Participants back in Atlanta for the East meeting and, instead of San Francisco, we were in Pasadena this time for the West.

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