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Many NASA centers offer valuable Mentoring Programs, Development Programs, and other resources to help practitioners create and pursue individual development plans. Some of the resources listed below are specific to a center, others are agencywide. Some of these resources might be protected by firewalls. If you experience access issues, please reach out to the points of contact listed.


Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC)

Center Resources

Armstrong University (AU)

Michael Raymond (Primary)  |
Jennifer Thomson (Alternate)  |
Patrick Yamamoto (Alternate)  |


CAHRO Training, Development Programs and Webinars

Contact: Patrick Yamamoto (Alternate)  |

Center Development Programs

AFRC Advanced Academic Education Program (AAEP) (AFRC-only)

Contact: Christine Doan  |


Federal Executive Institute’s Leadership for a Democratic Society (FEI LDS)

Contact: Christine Doan  |

Ames Research Center (ARC)

Center Resources

Coaching Program

Contact: Heather Hawley  |


Project Management Community of Practice (PMCP)

Contact: Julie Mikula  |

Center Development Programs

Ames Graduate Fellowship Program (AGFP) (ARC Only)

Contact: Christine Doan  |


Ames Project EXcellence (APEX) Development Program

Contact: Claire Smith  |

Mentoring Program

Ames Mentoring Program

Contact: Daniel Likins  |

Glenn Research Center (GRC)

Center Development Program

Next Generation Ambassadors Program

Contact: Marlena Hudson  |

Mentoring Program

Shaping Professionals and Relating Knowledge (SPARK)

Contact: Kathy Clark  |

Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)

Center Development Programs

Leadership Management Development Program

Contact: Keith Gregg  |


Product Development Lead (PDL) Training Program

Contact: Becky Derro  |


Systems Engineering Education Development (SEED) Program

Contact: Ginger Robinson  |


Systems Engineering Leadership Program (SELP)

Contact: Carmel Conaty  |


Flight Project Development Program

Contact: Donna Swan  |

Mentoring Program

Mentoring Matters

Contact: Lester Wright  |

Headquarters (HQ)

Mentoring Program

Headquarters Modern Mentoring Program

The HQ Modern Mentoring Program is grounded in current workplace principles priding itself in being informal, situational, accessible, and personal. The program encourages and enables Headquarters employees to connect across levels and experiences while building powerful knowledge sharing networks. Participation in the NASA HQ Modern Mentoring Program is a contribution to creating a culture of learning at NASA Headquarters while enhancing the Agency’s legacy in meeting future challenging missions.

Mentor Questionnaire

Mentee Questionnaire

Contact: Angela McDonald  |

Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)

Center Resources

Employee Resource Groups (ERG)

JPL offers many opportunities for employees to become involved in activities outside of their immediate job responsibilities.  Employees may want to help inspire young people to pursue careers in science and engineering, or use their talents to make other contributions to the local community.  Other opportunities for involvement include helping to engage the workforce through activities on Lab.


Office of Inclusion-Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (OOI & DEIA)

At JPL, we achieve the impossible because of our people. We know that diverse teams are smarter, but that diversity in of itself is not enough.  We know that to ensure every voice is heard we need inclusive teams to find the best solutions.  That’s why inclusion is one of JPL’s core values, and that is why this office exists: to ensure every person at JPL, regardless of background or identity, can fully realize their potential and help answer the universe’s most challenging questions.

Contact: Neela Rajendra, Chief Inclusion Officer  |

Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program (MP)

Mentoring fosters a culture of development and helps mentees understand and ID their career goals. This helps the Lab’s communication and knowledge for directors, divisions and sections. It builds bench strength!

Contact: Steven Satzger  |

Johnson Space Center (JSC)

Center Resources

Learning and Development

Curriculum including Featured JSC Training, Training Competency Matrix and Training Schedule.  Links to Agency Learning & Development Providers, JSC Organizational Learning, SATERN, Development Programs and Learning & Development Policy.

Contact: JSC Learning and Development  |


NASA Engineering & Safety (NESC) Academy

The NESC Academy presents live and on-demand content from researchers, engineers, and field experts in 19 technical disciplines relevant to the design, development, testing, and operation of NASA programs and projects. It hosts more than 800 videos containing interviews, tutorials, lectures, and lessons learned in an engaging format that features side-by-side video and slides, powerful search capabilities, downloadable course materials, and more.

Click here to visit Contact Page.


CFO University

CFO University was established in 2008 to provide cost effective high quality training and development for NASA’s financial professional workforce and others that work in collaboration with the Office of the CFO. The mission of the organization is to provide NASA focused training and development courses in the areas of finance, accounting, resource management, internal controls, financial systems, financial policy, cost management, travel financial operations, budget, financial audit, program planning and control and all other areas affecting financial operations, financial regulations and statutes, as well as management and leadership.

Contact: Tom Canning  |

Mentoring Program

JSC Formal Mentoring Program (FMP) (NASA Only)
The purpose of the mentoring program is to help facilitate your personal and professional growth through your partnership with a mentor.

Contact: JSC Learning and Development  |

Kennedy Space Center (KSC)

Center Resource

KSC Learning and Development Website

Contact: Zahyra Lebron  |

Center Development Programs

Accelerated Training Program (ATP)

Contact: Tim Pirlo  |


Kennedy Graduate Fellowship Program (KGFP)

Contact: Jacinta Dawson  |

Mentoring Program

NASA Connect

Contact: Jacinta Dawson  |

Langley Research Center (LaRC)

Center Development Programs

Advanced Degree Program

The Langley Research Center (LaRC) Advanced Degree Program (ADP) is a development resource designed to encourage the acquisition of knowledge in support of the Agency’s mission and strategic goals, and to provide eligible employees with the opportunity to obtain a graduate degree that will aid in building competencies toward an identified training need related to the Agency’s mission.

Contact: Phillip “Phil” Kandel  |


Project Ingenuity Management Excellence Program (PRIME)

The Project Ingenuity and Management Excellence (PRIME) program is designed to focus and accelerate the growth of highly qualified and motivated employees to meet Langley’s project excellence needs. PRIME incorporates extensive programmatic and resources training as well as experiential opportunities designed to enhance technical and leadership skills, respectively.

Contact: Travis L. Millner  |

Mentoring Program

Mentoring Employees to Realize Goals and Experiences (MERGE)

Contact: Parker Glass  |

Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC)

Center Resource

Program Planning and Control (PP&C)

Contact: James (Len) Bell  |

Center Development Program

Marshall Systems Engineering Leadership Development Program (MSELDP)

Contact: Cathy Fletcher  |

Mentoring Program

Marshall Mentor MATCH

Contact: Denise McCay  |