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Individuals interested in taking training courses through DAU should take the following steps:

  1. Create an account in the Federal Acquisition Institute Training Application System (FAITAS). PLEASE NOTE—THE SSN IS REQUIRED TO REGISTER IN FAITAS
  2. Each individual’s supervisor must also have an account in FAITAS to approve training requests (applies to online or resident classes—supervisor approval not required for continuous learning modules).
  3. Once the FAITAS account is created you will have the ability to register for classes offered by DAU.
  4. If you initiate registration for a course from the DAU website, you will automatically be redirected to FAITAS to complete the registration after selecting the Non-DoD organization option.
  5. Prior to registering, ensure that you review the course description and any course prerequisites–some DAU classes are limited to DoD employees in certain job series or acquisition program areas. The prerequisites will be hard-coded in the FAITAS registration system. If you did not register for and complete the prerequisite course in FAITAS there will be no evidence of prerequisite completion in FAITAS. The requester can upload a completion certificate during the registration process (if the course was completed outside of FAITAS). Registration will be declined by the FAITAS helpdesk unless a completion certificate is uploaded.
  6. DAU Continuous Learning Modules are open to all and generally have no prerequisites. For the complete catalog of CL modules visit:
  7. The Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) and several agencies have continuous learning offerings that may be of interest as well. To view the course catalogs visit: