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Academy Brief: Masters with Masters

August 30, 2012 Vol. 5, Issue 8   With over 100 years of combined aerospace experience, Jack Boyd and Hans Mark have seen it all—and today looks different than the past.

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(Left to right) Bryan O’Connor, Amy Edmondson, Mike Ryschkewitsch, and Robin Dillon share insight into organizational silence on a panel at Goddard Space Flight Center on July 31, 2012.
The Sound of Organizational Silence

August 30, 2012 Vol. 5, Issue 8   “How do we create a culture where the most important thing is to share the expertise and the wisdom that we have?” Ed Hoffman asked the audience at the Goddard Organizational Silence Forum in July.

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Kevin Stube,‬ ‪contractor at Ames Research Center who serves as the program manager for the Exploration Technology Directorate‬, at Ames Research Center in California. ‬‬
Academy Interview: Kevin Stube

August 30, 2012 Vol. 5, Issue 8   Interacting with international partners is critical to the success of the next-generation workforce, according to Kevin Stube.

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The ChemCam instrument for NASA's Mars Science Laboratory mission uses a pulsed laser beam to vaporize a pinhead-size target, producing a flash of light from the ionized material -- plasma -- that can be analyzed to identify chemical elements in the target.
Research Brief: Aviation Week Young Professional Workforce Study Released

August 30, 2012 Vol. 5, Issue 8   Key job considerations for industry young professionals have experienced a notable shift in Aviation Week‘s third annual survey.

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Lunar Orbiter spacecraft schematic as seen in Destination Moon: A History of the Lunar Orbiter Program.
This Month in NASA History: Lunar Orbiter Project

August 30, 2012 Vol. 5, Issue 8   The 3,000-plus images captured by the Lunar Orbiter Program from August 1966-August 1967 were critical in paving the way for the first manned flight to the Moon.

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