Assertiveness Training for Technical Professionals (APPEL-ATTP)

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Learn how to get the job done without worrying, express thoughts clearly, make requests without fear, refuse unreasonable requests without guilt, and resolve disputes calmly and effectively.

All technical professionals and managers at every level of the management team who must work effectively with others to get top results. Also perfect for team leaders and technical contributors who do not possess formal authority to direct others but who must express themselves clearly and work with others cooperatively to achieve project success.

Project Management Competencies
  • PM 2.0 - Stakeholder Management
Common Competencies
  • C 2.2 - Team Dynamics and Management
  • C 4.1 - Mentoring and Coaching
  • C 4.2 - Communication
  • C 4.3 - Leadership

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APPEL Library Resources

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All supplemental resources are NASA accessible only unless otherwise noted.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe assertive behavior
  • Distinguish assertive, aggressive and nonassertive behavior
  • Describe your own unique style and approach
  • Explain effective confidence-building strategies
  • Demonstrate positive body language and project a professional image
  • Use effective communication and leadership techniques
  • Explain how to develop and maintain winning relationships
  • Deal with others in a straightforward way
  • Express thoughts clearly
  • Get the job done without worrying
  • Make requests without fear
  • Deal constructively with anger and manipulation
  • Practice winning with – and not at the expense of – others
  • Listen to the points of view of others
  • Disagree without being disagreeable
  • Say ‘no’ effectively to unfair demands
  • Resolve disputes successfully
  • Describe how to gain the respect and support of others


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David Gootnick is a nationally recognized authority in management, communication, and career planning and is the author and editor of numerous books, journals, and articles. He has offered top-rated leadership seminars, workshops, and courses to tens of thousands of scientists and engineers representing a cross-section of the corporate and government R&D communities. In addition, he has been a professor at a major urban university for several years and has presented his top-rated short courses at dozens of leading universities.


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