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NEW Resource Available: Curated Curricula
Helping members of NASA’s technical workforce take control of their professional development,
charting a path to success that is based on their experience levels and career goals.
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  • Improve team leadership and effectiveness to better accomplish mission-critical work
  • Utilize Lessons Learned to develop effective decision-making skills through engineering design and project management case analyses
  • Explore key principles and practices for project management, systems engineering, and building NASA teams
  • Improve the ability to develop and manage complex aeronautical and astronautical systems
  • Learn online with APPEL Knowledge Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Learn the principles and practices of program/project management that are essential to mission success
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Creativity and Innovation (APPEL-vC&I)

Creativity and Innovation (APPEL-vC&I)

Maintaining excellence and technological superiority.
No courses currently scheduled.