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HIGHLIGHTS – Issue 51, Summer 2013

  • Shark swimming under water. Photo Credit: Steve Garner
    Predictable Project Surprises: Bridging Risk-Perception Gaps
    By Pedro C. Ribeiro   “Unfortunately, my King … here I am, unwilling and unwanted … because I know that no one ever welcomes a bearer of bad news.” —Antigone by Sophocles, circa 442 BC  “It is pardonable to be defeated, but never to be surprised.” —Frederick, the Great
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  • NASA employees are busy working on complicated missions, so finding knowledge management strategies that fit within hectic schedules is key.
    The Knowledge Management Journey
    By Edward W. Rogers   On May 13, 2003, I reported to work at Goddard Space Flight Center as the center’s “knowledge management architect.” Looking back after ten years there, I will try to summarize why knowledge management was successfully adopted at Goddard.
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  • Back to the Future: KSC Swamp Works
    By Kerry Ellis   After the retirement of the Space Shuttle and completion of the International Space Station, NASA has been looking toward what’s next in human space exploration.
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