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The International Space Station as seen from a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule. In addition to the modules where astronauts live and work, several external structures are visible including the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer seen on the far left. Photo Credit: NASA
NASA Marks Anniversary of Joining Unity and Zarya

In live Q&A session, the astronauts of ISS Expedition 70 discuss the challenges of weightlessness and the joy of watching lightning from space. 

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Teams have installed the NASA Insignia on Astrobotic’s Peregrine Lander in advance of a mission to the Moon that could launch as soon as December 24, 2023. The lander will carry five NASA-sponsored payloads to the lunar surface as part of the Commercial Lunar Payload Services initiative. Photo Credit: NASA/Isaac Watson
NASA Prepares for First CLPS Missions

Commercial landers will deliver science payloads in 2024.

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Graphic for the new podcast episode, showing an artist rendering of the International Habitat module delivery to Gateway on the Artemis IV mission. Credit: NASA
Podcast Episode 121: The Artemis and Ethics Report Explained

In this episode, we chat with Dr. Zach Pirtle, a policy analyst for NASA’s Office of Technology, Policy and Strategy about NASA’s Artemis and Ethics workshop, which explored the ethical, legal, and societal implications of its Artemis and Moon to Mars missions.

Apollo 8 astronauts Frank Borman, commander (left); William Anders, Lunar Module Pilot (right); and James Lovell, Command Module Pilot (center) safely returned to Earth on December 27, 1968, after successfully orbiting the Moon on the second crewed Apollo mission. Photo Credit: NASA
This Month in NASA History: NASA’s Bold Decision

Apollo 8 spaceflight to the Moon was a gamechanger.

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Screenshot of Dave Everett speaking during his interview. Credit: NASA
Critical Knowledge inSight: Different Perspectives

An engineering leader welcomes diverse opinions and ideas to spot and solve project challenges.

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View of Earth's curved horizon from Space. Photo Credit: NASA
Featured Video: NASA 2023: Nothing is Beyond Our Reach

NASA showed the world that anything is possible in 2023.

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