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NASA in the News

To celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the Apollo program’s achievements, including the first moon landing, NASA has put together a collection of historic images, videos, personal stories and recollections, and more interactive features found here.

Experience the challenge and victory of the great moon race once again, see what technology Apollo contributed along the way, or discover what NASA has in store for future lunar exploration—in 3–D.

Going Green

With climate change and the efforts to reduce our carbon footprint receiving much attention these days, many in industry, academia, and government agencies are striving to innovate sustainable practices. NASA Ames Research Center’s “Greenspace Initiative” provides strategy, integration, and implementation support for alternative energy and environmental projects ( Yale University has created a center dedicated to advancing green chemistry and engineering practices ( and partnered with several organizations to help increase greener practices, including the Environmental Protection Agency, which has developed its own green chemistry

Web of Knowledge

Are stunning photos from space not enough to satisfy your curiosity about NASA? Find videos, podcasts, blogs, RSS feeds, and other interactive features that expand your ability to explore what NASA is working on now and in the future. If you haven’t had your fill of amazing NASA photography, be sure to check out as well.

For More on Our Stories

Additional information pertaining to articles featured in this issue can be found by visiting the following Web sites:

Earth Observing System

European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)


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