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August 31, 2009 Vol. 2, Issue 8


Hyper-efficiency, total transparency, power alliances, ultra-nearsourcing, and big job cuts are the five big trends in project management, according to PM Networks third annual review of the project management landscape.

In the current economy, the challenges any good project manager faces are more acute and demanding than ever before. PM Network reports that project managers are under increasing pressure to eliminate unnecessary steps and processes from the projects they are running. The best way to achieve this is to get team members involved in mapping the project scope and evaluating the value of each step. By doing so, leaders and team members learn to expect more from themselves, which builds a sense of ownership for all and hyper-efficiency.

Today, transparency and accountability are expected of organizations. Organizations accomplish this by being honest with team members, the firm as a whole, and its partners when it comes to project goals, progress, and impending obstacles. Transparency encourages organizations to be open about their strengths and weaknesses, getting all team members involved, heightening loyalty, and improving the end result.

The right alliances enable project managers to manage risks effectively, lower costs, and shorten schedules. The key is ensuring that the alliance is reliable and beneficial. Getting to know a potential partner and making sure the fit is right for the project is time well spent.

Within the past year there has also been an increase in the number of organizations reaching out to companies that are closer to home rather than further away. U.S.-Mexican, Western-Eastern European, and cross-Latin American ties have grown in the area of outsourcing for projects. While not always the right choice for every project, this trend offers close proximity to partners, and sometimes includes the advantage of shared cultural similarities.

Finally, the project management world has seen a large increase in job cuts, but there are still opportunities for those with substantial experience and the proper certification. The public sector boasts the most promise for those seeking work in this difficult economy.

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