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It is NASA policy that all prescribed requirements (requirements levied on a lower organizational level by a higher organizational level) are complied with unless relief is formally granted. NASA policy also recognizes that each program or project has unique aspects that must be accommodated to achieve mission success in an efficient and economical manner. Tailoring is the process used to adjust or seek relief from a prescribed requirement to meet the needs of a specific program or project. Tailoring is both an expected and accepted part of establishing proper requirements.

This Agency Tailoring Website has been developed to provide a broad range of resources to facilitate and increase understanding and implementation of the tailoring process for NPR 7120.5 requirements by NASA’s programs and projects. These resources include Compliance Matrices and templates; consultation and assistance for tailoring; and resources for developing the tailoring approach.

This page was last updated on 10/19/2023.



Compliance Matrices and Templates

The Compliance Matrix documents the program’s or project’s compliance with the requirements of NPR 7120.5F or how the program or project is tailoring the requirements in accordance with Section 3.5 of the NPR. The Compliance Matrix is provided to streamline the tailoring (waiver and deviation) process and may be used to document approval for designating requirements as non-applicable.

Programs and projects may use the full Compliance Matrix, or, if applicable and approved by the program (for projects) or Mission Directorate (for programs), a pre-customized Compliance Matrix template or a pre-approved Blanket Tailoring Compliance Matrix.

Compliance Matrix Description and Instructions
A detailed description of the Compliance Matrix and instructions for completing the Compliance Matrix. This information is also provided in Appendix C of NPR 7120.5F. Note: This document has been updated on 9/6/2023, with the date indicated at the top of the document. If you see an older version, please clear your browser’s cache.

Full Compliance Matrix
The full Compliance Matrix is also provided in Table C-1 of NPR 7120.5F and on the OCE tab under the “Other NASA-Level Documents” menu in NODIS.

Pre-Customized Compliance Matrix Templates
These Compliance Matrix templates eliminate non-applicable requirements for specific types of programs and projects. Programs and projects may choose to use the applicable pre-customized template instead of the full Compliance Matrix to document and obtain approval for tailoring. Note: These templates have been updated on 9/6/2023, with the date indicated at the top of each template. If you see an older version, please clear your browser’s cache.

Pre-Approved Blanket Tailoring Compliance Matrices
Mission Directorates and programs may and are encouraged to develop Blanket Tailoring Compliance Matrices and obtain pre-approval for tailoring specific types of programs and projects under their purview. Programs and projects that are eligible to invoke these pre-approved Blanket Tailoring Compliance Matrices are not required to obtain approval for the tailored requirements since that approval has already been obtained by the Mission Directorate or program. (Approval for additional tailoring is required.)


Consultation and Assistance for Tailoring

Tailoring consultation and assistance for programs and projects is provided via points-of-contact by Headquarters (HQ) requirements owners and some Mission Directorates. In addition, some HQ requirements owners have documented delegation of tailoring authority for requirements they own. The NASA Program/Project Management Board (PPMB) may also provide tailoring guidance for programs and projects.

Points of Contact for Assistance in Tailoring NPR 7120.5 Requirements (NASA Only)

Points-of-contact (POC) for consulting with and assisting programs and projects in developing their tailoring approach and in obtaining approval for tailoring include:

  1. POCs for HQ requirements owners available to assist programs and projects in identifying the tailoring authority designated to approve tailoring of requirements owned by their organization.
  2. POCs from some Mission Directorates available to assist in obtaining tailoring approval from requirement owners.
  3. NASA Chief Program Management Officer (CPMO) POCs available to provide consultation to programs and projects in developing their tailoring approach.
  4. Programs, Category 1 projects, and projects that are of high importance or visibility to NASA will coordinate with the CPMO to determine their tailoring approach. The CPMO-coordinated tailoring approach may need to be presented by the program or project to the NASA Program and Project Management Board (PPMB), as determined by the CPMO.
  5. CPMO Program/Project Management Board (PPMB) Manager available to assist in engaging the PPMB for obtaining guidance through the tailoring process. (Program and project managers may also contact their Center representative to the PPMB to engage the PPMB.)

Delegation of Tailoring Authority by HQ Requirement Owners

NASA Program/Project Management Board Charter

Information on the roles of the PPMB, including its role in consulting and assisting programs and projects in developing their tailoring approach and in obtaining approval for tailoring are provided in the charter.


Document Templates

Document templates from NPR 7120.5F, Appendices D, E, F, G, and H are provided to facilitate development of these documents.


Resources for Developing the Tailoring Approach

Resources available to programs and projects for developing their tailoring approach include various forms of tailoring guidance, a general overview of common tailoring approaches, specific tailoring approaches and examples, and information on tailoring tools developed by Centers.

Tailoring Guidance
Handbooks, information, tailoring processes, various forms of guidance, and implementation plans for developing a program’s or project’s tailoring approach are provided by some HQ requirements owners and Mission Directorates.

General Overview of Tailoring Approaches
Summary information is provided on tailoring approaches common across multiple programs and projects and requirements that are frequently tailored.

Specific Tailoring Approaches and Examples
Will be available soon.
Numerous examples of how specific programs and projects have successfully tailored NPR 7120.5 requirements are provided.

Tailoring Tools
Will be available soon.
Tools to assist programs and projects in developing their tailoring approach have been developed by some Centers. These tools may also be helpful for programs and projects hosted at other Centers.