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January 9, 2008 Vol. 1, Issue 1


The NASA Academy of Program/Project & Engineering Leadership has announced its curriculum schedule for the new fiscal year.

The Academy’s courses are designed to enhance the careers of the NASA technical workforce, including engineers, project practitioners, and systems engineers, at all levels of expertise and experience.

Core Courses

The Academy’s core curriculum was planned and organized using an integrated, competency-based approach. The sequencing of the materials in the core curriculum is designed to help participants expand their thinking and make connections between the systems engineering and project management principles and concepts that define the NASA working environment.

In-depth Courses

The Academy sponsors in-depth courses in both program/project management and systems engineering. These courses are made available to the NASA field centers and teams as they communicate their needs to the Academy. Participants are encouraged to augment their development by participating in these in-depth course offerings and other development offerings as shown in the Agency Training Master Schedule. If you are interested in an elective course, contact your Center Training Office.

Executive Course

The Executive course is designed to develop a cadre of highly qualified project leaders and to position them for future project management and engineering leadership roles. This course provides the opportunity for participants to assess real-life, historic high-visibility executive decisions to help build their own leadership and strategic thinking skills. Participants for this three-day course must be invited and approved by the Office of the Chief Engineer.

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