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ASK OCE — February 23, 2007 — Vol. 2, Issue 2


Dr. John Marburger, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), testified about the President’s request for NASA in Fiscal Year 2008 before the House Science and Technology Committee.

Marburger restated the President’s Fiscal Year 2008 budget request for $17.3 billion for NASA. The Fiscal Year 2008 request represents a 3.1 percent increase over the Fiscal Year 2007 request.

He noted that the House had passed a full-year continuing resolution reducing overall funding for NASA by $545 million from the President’s Fiscal Year 2007 request to $16.2 billion. “That leaves NASA at its 2006 level with no increase and puts at risk the Vision for Space Exploration and priority Earth and space science missions. Certainly at risk is the timely development of a new, much more capable U.S. human spacecraft to follow the Shuttle which will be retired in 2010,” he said.

Read OSTP Director Dr. John Marburger’s full testimony before the House Committee on Science and Technology. (PDF)

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