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HEOMD Launches Knowledge-Based Risk Library

The Human Exploration Operations Mission Directorate (HEOMD) released its risk record library online.

Last week, HEOMD launched its Knowledge-Based Risk (KBR) Library, which consists of videos interviews, white papers, articles, and presentations on risk mitigation. The library covers topics including project management, systems engineering, design and development, and integration and test.

The KBR library provides context for HEOMD’s risk records through associated knowledge artifacts that serve to create a storytelling narrative of how a risk was mitigated and lessons learned. Each KBR offers users expert advice on risk control and mitigation strategies for specific technical risks and serves as a means of transferring knowledge within the CRM process.

KBRs identify the effective­ness of mitigation activities, specifically in terms of cost, schedule, and technical performance. Instead of a “collect, store, and ignore” approach, KBRs form an active collection of lessons learned that are continually reused and updated.

Visit the Knowledge-Based Risk Library.

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