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NASA’s Software Catalog Is Now Available Online

NASA’s Chief Technology Office released over 1,000 pieces of code to the public in its new online software catalog.

On April 10, 2014, NASA released a multitude of software that is now available for public consumption in NASA’s Software Catalog. The new online resource catalogs code related to project management systems, design tools, data handling, and image processing, as well as solutions for life support functions, aeronautics, structural analysis, and robotic and autonomous systems.

Within the catalog, each section of code is briefly described, organized by a specific type of release (e.g., general public, open source, U.S. release only, etc.), and assigned a product identification number. Users can request access to the agency’s cataloged software by emailing Software Release Authority points of contact at each of NASA’s centers.

The software catalog initiative is part of the Office of the Chief Technologist’s Technology Transfer Program, which aims to make use of the NASA technologies beyond their original applications.

To learn more about the NASA Technology Transfer Portal, visit

Download the catalog. (PDF)

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