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A best practice among leading program/project managers and engineers is reflection. Which approaches worked well? Were the risks too high? When did taking a chance pay off? How did the team respond when the unexpected occurred? Storytelling is one way to look back on these kinds questions and share the lessons learned from them with colleagues and peers.

For over a decade, the Academy’s publications have served as a platform for project managers and engineers from across the agency, federal government, international partners, industry, and academia to share their stories. APPEL has published articles about stepping away from technical roots and moving into executive positions, small project teams at Pixar, how to have a conversation with a Mars mission, the instrument heritage on the Landsat Data Continuity Mission, Henry Petroski’s insight into design and failure, and young professional career development at NASA. Today, APPEL News serves as the Academy’s online hub for articles about lessons learned, launching new ideas, findings from recent reports and white papers, and new case studies.

The Academy invites you to continue sharing stories and lessons by suggesting topics or projects the APPEL News team should cover. Contact us to submit your story suggestions.

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