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Introducing The First Interactive APPEL Catalog

In the new interactive APPEL Catalog, each course has its own web page that features an in-depth multimedia exploration of course details.

August 18 marked the launch of the new APPEL Catalog: the first online curriculum guide from the Academy.

The APPEL Catalog has been completely redesigned for FY15. Now entirely online and highly interactive, the new guide features “one-stop shopping” for everything potential participants need to know about APPEL courses. The APPEL Catalog is designed to complement the newly available FY15 Master Schedule.

Browsing for courses is now easier than ever. Practitioners can search courses by subject, category, or alphabetically. Each course has its own web page that provides detailed information to help members of NASA’s technical workforce determine whether the course will meet their needs.

  • A video introduction briefly highlights the value of the course.
  • A course summary provides an overview of course goals.
  • A “What Will I Learn?” section details the specific objectives, serving as an informal outline of course content.
  • The course schedule clearly indicates where and when the course takes place.
  • Competencies and technical areas addressed by the course are listed.
  • External certification credit associated with the course is noted.
  • Registration is accessible directly from the course page, streamlining the enrollment process.

In addition, each course page includes information on the instructor, comments by past participants, and supplemental resources. Links are available to the Project Management & Systems Engineering Competency Model and the FY15 Master Schedule.

Along with the online APPEL Catalog, the Academy has developed a new interactive Project Management & Systems Engineering Competency Model. The model lists specific competency areas for project managers and systems engineers as well as shared competencies that encompass both disciplines. It also highlights the APPEL courses that support each competency. By using the APPEL Catalog in conjunction with the Project Management & Systems Engineering Competency Model, practitioners can better understand the skills and abilities that are considered drivers of success in their field and determine which APPEL courses will support their career development plan.

The interactive APPEL Catalog is available now online. NASA practitioners can register for FY15 courses today directly from the catalog.

Access the new interactive APPEL Catalog.

Explore the new interactive Project Management & Systems Engineering Competency Model.

Visit the FY15 Master Schedule (PDF).

Message from the Director: watch as APPEL Director Roger Forsgren introduces the interactive APPEL Catalog.

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