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Coming Soon: The First Interactive APPEL Catalog

This August, NASA practitioners interested in attending APPEL courses will discover a more interactive way to engage with the Academy’s curriculum: the new APPEL Catalog.

APPEL’s innovative online course catalog serves as a one-stop resource for everything NASA’s technical workforce needs to know about APPEL courses. Practitioners can browse through courses easily, searching by subject, category, or alphabetically. Each course features an introductory video detailing the highlights and value of the course to help participants determine if it will meet their needs. Comments by past course participants are included, and in-depth supplemental resources are easy to access. Those interested in registering for courses can click to do so directly from the catalog.

The APPEL Catalog will work synergistically with a new interactive Project Management & Systems Engineering Competency Model, which is designed to support the professional development of NASA’s technical workforce. The model outlines distinct competency areas for project managers and systems engineers, along with the APPEL courses that support each competency. Practitioners can review the recommended courses in the Competency Model and click through to the APPEL Catalog to learn more or to register for a specific course.

The interactive APPEL Catalog will be released in late August 2014 in conjunction with the Fiscal Year 2015 course schedule. Practitioners are encouraged to stay tuned for more information from APPEL as the launch date approaches.

Watch APPEL’s Director Roger Forsgren talk about the interactive APPEL Catalog.

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