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Glenn Research Center and NASA’s Chief Knowledge Officer to Host a “Double Feature” of Masters with Masters Interviews

Project leadership and mentoring coincide in this series.

Dr. Ed Hoffman, NASA Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO), interviews four practitioners at Glenn Research Center, on Wednesday, August 19, 2015, beginning at 1 pm EDT.

Beginning at 1:00 pm EDT, Hoffman will interview Susan Motil, Deputy Chief of the European Service Module Integration Office for the Orion Program at GRC, and Carol Ginty, Project Manager, Evolvable Cryogenics (eCryo) Project, Space Technology Project Office, on project leadership and lessons learned. The second Masters with Masters in the double hitter will be held from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm EDT, with Therese Gribel, Director of Aeronautics at GRC, and Dr. Aaron Weaver, Orion Program Integration Lead, on mentoring and lessons learned.

Masters with Masters 1 – Project leadership lessons learned with Susan Motil and Carol Ginty

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EDT

Project Management provides leadership, advice, direction, and support to meet the development objectives of any NASA program/or project. Motil and Ginty will share their insights of infusing knowledge and lessons learned of projects failures and successes to assure project successes of the future. Both will share their experiences leading multi-discipline teams through the design, development, integration, and operations of successful work with major projects and programs that are central to all of NASA.

Susan Motil has been with NASA Glenn Research Center for 26 years and is currently serving as Deputy Chief of the European Service Module Integration Office for the Orion Program. In this capacity, she interfaces with the European Space Agency to ensure integration of the service module, primarily a propulsion subsystem, with Orion’s Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle developed by Lockheed Martin. Prior to this role, she served as the Project Manager for the Technology Demonstration Mission Cryogenic Propellant Storage and Transfer (CPST) Project.
Carol Ginty began her career at NASA in 1982 as an Aerospace Engineer at the LeRC/GRC conducting research on the fracture and failure mechanisms in polymer matrix composites and has 30 publications documenting her research. She has over 26 years of experience in the management of research, development, and flight projects including: ARMD Projects on High Temperature Materials and Efficient Engine Components; HEOMD Projects – SCaN Test Bed and Orion Space Environmental Test Facility; and the STMD Project on Cryogenic Propulsion, Transfer and Storage.



Masters with Masters 2 – Developing successful careers through mentoring relationships with Dr. Aaron Weaver and Therese Griebel

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

2:30 pm – 3:30 pm EDT

NASA is committed to human and workforce development through mentoring and has embraced it to improve the efficiency, creativity, and capabilities of its employees. Each mentoring program is a beneficial relationship to expand and enhance the performance of employees in personal and professional endeavors. The programs involve strategic planning, the setting of concise goals, and consistent interaction in a variety of situations and relationships to ensure that the experiences and characteristics of all participants yield a maximum benefit and measurable results. Weaver and Griebel will share their insights on their experiences with these aspects of mentoring.

Dr. Aaron Weaver serves as GRC’s point-of-contact to the Orion Program, overseeing and coordinating activities in support of GRC’s Orion portfolio. He began his career with NASA in 1999 as a cooperative education student focusing on testing and modeling of ceramic materials. After completing graduate studies, he returned to NASA full-time building computational models of space-flight injury risk, maturing medical device design for exploration, and overseeing development of advanced exercise concepts as part of NASA’s Human Research Program.
Therese Griebel, who began her career at NASA in 1991, serves as the focal point for aeronautics research at GRC and provides project management, leadership, and oversight in support of the agency’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate. She served three years as the Chief of the Avionics and Electrical Systems Division at GRC, where she was responsible for the development of power, communications software, and avionics systems for space flight applications on multiple development and flight projects including the SCAN testbed.

Masters with Masters conversations yield fresh insights, promote reflection and open sharing, and serve as a learning resource for NASA’s technical workforce. Masters with Masters reflects the Academy’s ongoing efforts to create a cohesive community of project management and engineering practitioners across NASA who value the free exchange of knowledge, lessons learned, and best practices.

To attend live at GRC’s Administration Building Auditorium, please contact Kathy Clark.

Are you unable to attend in person? Once they are completed, all of our Masters with Masters can be found here.

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