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Welcome to INSIGHT: the new monthly publication from APPEL Knowledge Services. Sign up to expand your perspective on engineering, PM, knowledge management, and more. 

This year, the Academy of Program/Project and Engineering Leadership (APPEL) joined forces with NASA’s Chief Knowledge Office (CKO) to create APPEL Knowledge Services. The new organization unites the award-winning curriculum and career development tools from APPEL with the critical knowledge sharing and knowledge management capabilities of the CKO to establish a comprehensive, knowledge-dedicated resource for NASA.

As part of this new initiative, APPEL Knowledge Services is excited to introduce a new publication: INSIGHT. Featuring the tagline Expanding Perspectives, INSIGHT is a natural extension of APPEL Knowledge Services’ efforts because it connects the NASA technical workforce with key issues and information that affect them and the agency. The new publication picks up where the previous publications from APPEL (APPEL News) and CKO (CKO News) left off. INSIGHT offers articles and videos on topics such as NASA project milestones, engineering accomplishments, project management (PM) activities, and knowledge management efforts. Articles also focus on APPEL Knowledge Services courses, career development resources, and events, including the NASA Virtual PM Challenge.

In addition to this new publication, APPEL Knowledge Services will continue to provide access to the wealth of information in its previous publications. Visit the Publication Archives to explore past issues of APPEL News, CKO News, ASK Magazine, ASK the Academy, ASK OCE, and the NASA Knowledge Journal.

Like APPEL News and CKO News, INSIGHT articles will be posted regularly—so please visit the APPEL Knowledge Services website to read our articles as they become available. Additionally, each month the latest articles and videos will be compiled and sent out to subscribers. If you were subscribed to the discontinued publications APPEL News Digest or CKO News, you will receive INSIGHT automatically. If not, we encourage you to sign up to receive INSIGHT in your email inbox each month so you can enjoy the latest articles and videos and find out for yourself how APPEL Knowledge Services is expanding perspectives with INSIGHT.

Click here to subscribe to INSIGHT today. Our first monthly edition will be released on April 30, 2018, and new issues will be sent to subscribers at the end of each subsequent month.

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