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A project manager can build resilience skills to perform better on the job.

In this video clip, Doug Hensch, who is President of The DRH Group, examines how project managers can develop resilience skills to help deal with problems that develop during a project.

Video key learning points:

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      Obstacles to becoming more resilient are an individual’s innate personality and always being connected to work, which doesn’t allow our minds to shut off and affects work-life balance.

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      Journaling helps deal with emotions, adversity, and bad news. Journaling helps a person untangle things that have happened to them and deal with negativity.

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      Take account over the past six months to see how you have improved your resiliency skills. Examine your reaction to adversity or difficult situations. Journal each day and give yourself a rating on how you improved relationships, reacted to adversity, or dealt with controlling your own negative reactions so you are still effective in the face of difficult situations.

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      Difficult situations are always going to be part of being a project manager and being more resilient gives a person the ability to learn new skills to deal effectively with problems.

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      Spend time dealing with the present moment instead of thinking about the past or future. Focusing on the present allows people to be more resilient and examine their own emotions and how they affect decisions and allows a person to read a situation and demonstrate empathy to a team member who is anxious or identify irregular behaviors and queues from a team during a meeting.


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