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Podcast Episode 57: Shuttle Program Closeout Complexities
Podcast Episode 57: Shuttle Program Closeout Complexities

NASA’s Johnny Nguyen discusses insight gained through closeout of the Space Shuttle Program.

AFRC CKO Mark Davis. Credit: NASA
Knowledge Community Corner: NASA Armstrong’s Mark Davis

Mark Davis discusses knowledge sharing at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center.

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Podcast Episode 56: Model-based Systems Engineering

NASA’s Terry Hill and Jessica Knizhnik discuss the agency’s transition to model-based systems engineering.

Critical Knowledge inSight: Manufacturing Process Improvements

Learning throughout your program and project will lead to better performance for future programs and projects.

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Psyche Mission
Podcast Episode 55: Psyche Mission

Psyche Mission Co-investigator Ben Weiss discusses the mission to a unique metal asteroid orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter.

Podcast Episode 54: Astrophysics Pioneers Program
New Podcast Episode 54: Astrophysics Pioneers Program

NASA Astrophysicist and Pioneers Program Lead Scientist Michael Garcia discusses the new program’s first mission concepts selected for further development.

Critical Knowledge inSight: Kjell Lindgren: Reflections on Astronaut Training

Astronaut training is critically important to the success and safety of missions.

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Small Steps, Giant Leaps: Episode 53, Ingenuity Mars Helicopter
Podcast Episode 53: Ingenuity Mars Helicopter

Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Chief Engineer Bob Balaram discusses the first experimental aircraft flight on another planet.

Small Steps, Giant Leaps: Episode 52, Mars Perseverance Rover Science
Podcast Episode 52: Mars Perseverance Rover Science

Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover Deputy Project Scientist Katie Stack Morgan discusses science objectives of NASA’s first astrobiology-focused mission to the Red Planet.