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Reaching for the APEX at Ames

By Matthew Kohut “Every manager has the same complaint, regardless of his or her level,” says Dr. Jeffrey McCandless, strategic advisor for the Human Systems Integration Division at Ames Research Center.

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Space-to-Space Communications: In-House Hardware Development

By Matthew Kohut When Johnson Space Center’s Matt Lemke showed up for work as the project manager of the space-to-space communications system at the end of 1994, he looked forward to leading a team of NASA designers on the biggest project in his division.

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Searching for Life on Mars; Managing a Difficult Project on Earth

By Matthew Kohut The primary objective of the Viking science mission was the stuff of dreams: to look for evidence of life of Mars. One of the instruments at the core of the mission was the gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer (GCMS).

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