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NASA's Knowledge Map
Creating NASA’s Knowledge Map

By Matthew Kohut and Haley Stephenson   Need to understand something about engine cutoff sensors, the physiological impact of extended stays in low-Earth orbit, or how to drive a rover on Mars? That kind of specialized expertise exists at NASA, and often nowhere else.

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The Aquarius instrument is integrated to the service platform at INVAP (Bariloche) just before its shipment to Brazil for environmental testing.
An Argentine Partnership with NASA

By Matthew Kohut   When the Aquarius mission launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in June 2011, few Americans outside the Earth-science and space communities probably knew that the satellite itself came from Argentina.

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Bryan O’Connor
Interview with Bryan OConnor

By Matthew Kohut     Bryan O’Connor retired as chief of Safety and Mission Assurance on August 31, 2011, after serving nearly a decade as NASA’s top safety and mission assurance official.

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FAST Learning

By Matthew Kohut   “Fast” is the word that best describes Tom Simon’s experience working at Marshall Space Flight Center on the Fast, Affordable, Science and Technology Satellite (FASTSAT), a microsatellite designed to carry six small experiments into space.

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The target chamber under construction. Holes in the target chamber provide access for the laser beams and viewing ports for NIF diagnostic equipment.
Lessons from the National Ignition Facility

By Matthew Kohut The National Ignition Facility (NIF) is home of the world’s largest laser. With 192 laser beams that can deliver more than sixty times the energy of any previous laser system, NIF represents a significant step in enabling the study of high-energy density science. The design and construction of this unique, highly complex […]

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Interview with Wayne Hale

By Matthew Kohut   The former shuttle program manager talks about career-long learning and what the Columbia accident taught the agency. Former Space Shuttle Program Manager Wayne Hale’s career roughly paralleled the life cycle of the Space Shuttle program.

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Close-up image of crater Cabeus A near the moon's south pole
Moon Mission on a Shoestring

By Haley Stephenson and Matthew Kohut   When NASA announced that the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) would upgrade from a Delta II to a larger Atlas V launch vehicle, a window of opportunity opened for an additional mission to the moon.

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Sharing Knowledge About Knowledge
Sharing Knowledge About Knowledge

By Don Cohen and Matthew Kohut   The Academy’s first Knowledge Forum brought together people from several industries and countries.

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Rocketing From Past to Future

As told to Tracy McMahan and Matthew Kohut by Phil Sumrall This story draws extensively from a September 2007 interview with Ares Projects Oral Historian Tracy McMahan as well as a December 2009 interview with ASK Contributing Editor Matthew Kohut.

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