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Developing NASA’s Next Generation of Technical Leaders


“The relationships that SELP participants develop with each other and with alumni help NASA to ensure our talented, capable workforce can more easily access the expertise needed to do our jobs.”

-Tiffany Smith, NASA Chief Knowledge Officer and APPEL KS Director


During the course of the program, the members of the cohort develop a unique bond that is unparalleled in any other setting. The growth that occurs, both personally and professionally, is truly unmatched and cannot be replicated in any other environment. The experience of being a part of SELP is truly transformative, and the skills and knowledge gained will undoubtedly serve the participants well in their future endeavors. The program provides a supportive and collaborative environment that fosters growth and development, and the relationships formed within the cohort are sure to last a lifetime. Overall, the program is an exceptional opportunity for individuals to enhance their skills, expand their knowledge, and form lasting connections with like-minded professionals.



2021-22 Class


In May, 2022, the Systems Engineering Leadership Program (SELP) Class of 2022 celebrated 16 months of accelerated professional growth and cross agency discovery.


Watch each participant present their story below:

Full Name Home Center ETDY Center
Andrew Rechenberg JSC KSC-2 – KSC Configuration Management, Program Deputy

Ben Powell

SSC Promoted by Home Center

Carla Haroz

JSC LaRC-2 – Low Earth Orbit Flight Inflatable Decelerator (LOFTID)
Claudia Eyzaguirre KSC JPL-1 – Clipper Flight System, Mechanical, Thermal, Verification & Validation Engineer

Darren Baird

JSC GSFC-5 – WFIRST Systems Engineering

Evan Anzalone

MSFC ARC-3 – VIPER Integration, Systems Engineer

George Williams

GRC Promoted by Home Center

Karma Snyder

SSC ARC-4 – Starling SE, I&T Coordinator

Laura Kushner

ARC/LaRC MSFC-4 – Mars Ascent Vehicle (MAV)

Miles Skow

JSC GRC-4 – Gateway Power & Propulsion Element (PPE), SE&I

K. Renee Horton

MAF AFRC-2 – X-59, Assistant to X-59 Aircraft Authority

Sarah D’Souza

ARC GRC-1 – Orion European Integration Office (EIO), Deputy CE

Scott Wenger

MSFC GSFC-1 – James Webb Telescope

Susan Danley

KSC Promoted by Home Center

Timothy Roberts

JPL KSC-4 – Exploration Ground Systems Program Integration


2018-19 Class

Full Name Home Center SELP Rotation
Michelle Amos KSC JPL, Mars 2020 Rover Project V&V

Molly Bannon

JSC JPL, Europa Clipper Flight System

Kenneth Criswell

MSFC GRC, Plasma Diagnostics Package Lead Engineer
Eric Eberly MSFC AFRC, Support Aircraft Fleet Deputy Chief Engineer

Stephen Hunter

JSC SSC, B-2 Deputy Project Engineer

Cameron Jerry

GSFC ARC, Starling I Lead Systems Engineer for Secondary Payload

Christopher Miller

AFRC GRC, Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway (LOP-G) Power and Propulsion Element (PPE) SE&I Lead

Erick Ordonez

MSFC SSC, E-1 Systems Engineer

Linda Ruhl

JSC AFRC, X-57 Deputy Chief Engineer

Eric Tapio

ARC JSC, Commercial Crew Verification Closure Lead

Jamie Willhite

AFRC JSC, SE&I; Orion Avionics, Power and Software Office


2016-17 Class

Full Name Home Center SELP Rotation
Sean Laughter LaRC JSC, Verification Integration Lead, Commercial Crew Program
Paul Mogan KSC AMES, BioSentinel Deputy Mission Systems Engineer
Stacey Bagg Proven MSFC JPL, Mars 2020
Leslie Ringo JSC AFRC, Assistant to QueSST Chief Engineer
Robert Rivera AFRC GRC, FBCE Deputy Lead Systems Engineer
David Rutishauser JSC JSC, Lead development of MBSE for Advanced Exploration Systems (AES) Program, Avionics and Software Project
Lisa Smith MSFC GSFC, Astrophysics Instruments Concept Studies and Architecture Development


2013 Class

Full Name Home Center
SELP Rotation
Paul Banicevic LaRC MSFC, MSFC IRAD Project
David Berger AFRC JSC, MPCV Crew & Service Module
Ousmane Diallo ARC JSC, AES and AEMU Programs
David Grantier GRC JSC, Commercial Crew Program
David Hall JSC LaRC, SAGE III and Nadir Viewing Platform System
Jennifer Petelle KSC GRC, SAFFIRE
Vanessa Stroh KSC MSFC, MSA


2012 Class

Full Name Home Center
SELP Rotation
Ryan Dibley DFRC MSFC, SLS
Tony Jannette GRC DFRC, SOFIA
Denise Varga GRC JSC, Morpheus
Tony Nicoletti GSFC LaRC, ESSPPO
Roger Schwarz JSC GRC, CE Office
Michael Wright MSFC GSFC, MMS FPI
Robert Gargiulo SSC GRC, Deputy Lead to Systems Engineer


2011 Class


Full Name Home Center
SELP Rotation
Hector Chavez JSC GSFC
Alan Crocker JSC LaRC, Earth System
Robert DeCoursey LaRC JSC, Orion
George Haddad KSC JSC, ISS
Travis Martin MSFC JPL, Assistant to the Lead Project Systems Engineer
Jim Price LaRC GRC, Chief Engineer, SE Process Development, small spaceflight project
Eric Ross SSC ARC, EtherSat Project Deputy Lead Systems Engineer
Jo Santiago-Bond KSC ARC, LADEE
Bob Williams MSFC HQ, Exploration Systems Development


2010 Class


Full Name Home Center
SELP Rotation, Project
Paul De Leon ARC JSC, ISS
Stephen DePalo GSFC KSC, Flagship Project
Fernando Figueroa SSC JSC, Space Shuttle Program
Tim Fisher JSC GSFC, MSE B
Jason Gates JPL KSC, SAD1
Shawn Holcomb MSFC JPL, MEP
Jana Killebrew MSFC ARC, SOPHIA
Steven Kunkel JSC GSFC, ISE
Randy Lillard JSC JPL, Juno
Jose Matienzo MSFC DFRC, Code R
Terry Nienaber LaRC GSFC, MSE A
Colin Peterson JSC JPL, SMAP
Carrie Rhoades DFRC LARC, RSD
George Santosuosso GRC ARC, LADEE
Eddie Terrell JSC GRC, RPS
Don Whiteman GSFC KSC, VAG2
Chuck Zakrzwski GSFC MSFC, EO01


2009 Class


Full Name Home Center
SELP Rotation, Project
Jim Cockrell ARC GRC, Advanced Flight Projects
Mark Buschbacher DFRC MSFC, Ares I
Debra K. Randall DFRC GRC, CoNNeCT
Kamal J. Thakore GSFC LaRC, Orion LAS
Cindy Hernandez JSC DFRC, IRAC
Keith Naviaux JPL KSC, Launch Vehicle Processing & Launch Services Program
Carlos Westhelle JSC GSFC, SDO
Greg Peralta KSC JPL, MSL
Russ Stoewe KSC ARC, LADEE
Kurt Detweiler LaRC JSC, Constellation Program (CxP)
Michael Lightfoot LaRC JPL, Juno
Connie Carrington MSFC LaRC, CERES
Joe Hale MSFC LaRC, Exploration Technology Development Program
Keith Layne MSFC LaRC, Deputy to Systems Engineering Directorate Chief Engineer
Jim Ryan SSC MSFC, Ares I


2008 Class


Full Name Home Center
SELP Rotation, Project
Rick Ballard MSFC JPL/KSC, MSL
Ethan Baumann DFRC JSC, Space Shuttle Program
Joey Broome JSC MSFC, Constellation Program, Ares 1
Deborah Crane MSFC GSFC, GOES
Dawn Davis SSC MSFC, Ares-1
Jerry Garcia KSC GRC, Orion
Scott Glubke GSFC KSC, Space Shuttle Integration Office
Natalie Goldin GRC GSFC, POES
Matt Lemke JSC JPL, MSL
David Mayer ARC GSFC, RBSP
Bryon Maynard SSC JSC, Orion
Carlos Ortiz-Longo JSC SSC, Orbital AJ26 Rocket Testing
Angie Russo GSFC LARC, Pad Abort (PA) -1 & Ascent Abort (AA) -1 Flight Tests
Rob Summers KSC LARC, Orion