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Photo Credit: NASA

Morpheus, an SELP assignment project.
Photo Credit: NASA

Centers are responsible for funding:

  • Participant’s salary
  • Travel to/from the interview
  • Travel to/from orientation
  • Training and associated travel that is not part of SELP workshops
  • Additional trips home, above the allowed quarterly trip
  • Project travel required for participants assigned to their center

The Office of the Chief Engineer funds:

  • All other program travel and training for participants, including NASA employees assigned to JPL. Not all reimbursements allowed by the Federal Travel Regulations (FTR) are covered by SELP. (Note: Items covered in the FTR that are not reimbursable by SELP include commuting mileage and costs, maid services, dry cleaning and laundry, and rental cars.)

Jet Propulsion Laboratory Participants:

  • JPL is responsible for funding all costs associated with their employees’ participation in the program as noted above with the exception of employee project travel required for participants assigned to their center.