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Here is a description of a book that we believe will interest ASK readers.

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ASK Interactive

NASA Art Program The NASA Art Program was founded by James Dean in 1962 to record the history of space exploration through different media and genres in order to reach, educate, and inspire a variety of audiences.

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The Knowledge Notebook — Leadership and Knowledge

By Laurence Prusak I almost hesitate to write this column because I devoutly believe that too much is made of “leadership” in business curriculums and in the popular press.

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From the APPEL Director — Multidisciplinary Project Leadership

By Ed Hoffman If you were building a house, what set of skills would you need? It might be best to be a carpenter, capable of working on the rough framing, the exterior, and the trim details.

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In This Issue (ASK 33)

Don Cohen, Managing Editor When Megan was fourteen years old, she started to have trouble swallowing and keeping food down.

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Human System Risk Management

By Judith L. Robinson The human system is one of the most complex elements of space exploration missions. Our current long-duration space flight knowledge comes primarily from missions of up to six months’ duration.

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Interview with Charles Kennel

By Don Cohen Dr. Charles Kennel was associate administrator for the Office of the Mission to Planet Earth from 1994 to 1996, when he helped restructure NASA’s Earth Observing System.

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Viewpoint: The Bigger Pictures

By Piers Bizony I am endlessly curious about the logic of NASA’s hardware designs and mission architectures, but I am a writer by trade and an engineer only in the armchair sense.

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Staying Focused on Fundamentals

By Steve Goo My first teacher in rocketry had a saying: “Pointy end up and fire out the bottom.” His description of a perfect takeoff didn’t mean that the execution was simple.

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