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Global images of Mars taken by the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) during summer in the planet’s northern hemisphere. Between 1997 and 2006, MGS looked at Mars in unprecedented detail, building upon the successful Viking missions before it. Credits: NASA/USGS
This Month in NASA History: A Closer Look at Mars

Mars Global Surveyor examines the Red Planet in unprecedented detail.

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Workers in the White Room at Launch Pad 19 help L. Gordon Cooper, Jr., left, and Charles “Pete” Conrad strap in to Gemini V. The two would share the record for longest spaceflight for about four months. Photo Credit: NASA
This Month in NASA History: Gemini V Launches

Record-setting mission carries new technologies.

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Within days of the launch, Landsat 1 acquired an image of an astounding 81,000-acre fire burning in isolated, central Alaska. For the first time ever, scientists and resource management officials were able to see the full extent of damage from a fire in a single image while it was still burning. Photo Credit: NASA/USGS
This Month in NASA History: A Closer Look at Earth

Landsat 1 demonstrated the value of multispectral scanner technology.

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President Ronald Reagan (tan suit) waves from the podium as thousands of spectators cheer. More than half a million people gathered to watch Space Shuttle Columbia touch down following STS-4. The prototype Space Shuttle Enterprise is behind Reagan. Photo Credit: NASA
This Month in NASA History: Fourth of July Present to Remember

Columbia impresses Apollo veteran Ken Mattingly.

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Astronaut Alan B. Shepard Jr. sits in a flight couch for final testing before Mercury-Redstone 3. Credit: NASA
This Month in NASA History: Shepard Claims the Prize

Astronaut tells rocket: ‘Okay buster, let’s go and get the job done.’

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The crew members of the Apollo 13 mission step onto the deck of the U.S.S. Iwo Jima, following splashdown and recovery operations in the South Pacific Ocean. Aboard the ship, Fred W. Haise Jr., lunar module pilot (left); James A. Lovell, Jr., commander (center); and John L. Swigert, Jr., command module pilot, discussed writing an account of the perilous spaceflight. Credit: NASA
This Month in NASA History: Investigating Apollo 13

Review board focuses on role of oxygen tank 2 in accident.

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Charles W. Mathews, Manager, Project Gemini (right) stands and the flight director's console, viewing Gemini X flight display data in the Mission Control Center on July 18, 1966. With him, from left, are William C. Schneider, Mission Director; Glynn Lunney, Prime Flight Director; and Christopher C. Kraft Jr., MSC Director of Flight Operations. Credit: NASA
This Month in NASA History: Gemini Rises

Program manager guides team to success of Gemini III.

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STS-82 crew members Mark C. Lee (left) and Steven L. Smith (on RMS arm) work on the Hubble Space Telescope during the mission’s fifth extravehicular activity (EVA). Credit: NASA
This Month in NASA History: STS-82 Upgrades Hubble

Hubble servicing mission relies on expertise and experience of seasoned crew.

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STS-89 Commander Terrence Wilcutt, left, greets Mission Specialist David Wolf at the airlock of Space Shuttle Endeavour, following Wolf’s 128-day mission aboard the Mir space station. It was a reunion in space for Wilcutt and Wolf, who were both from NASA Astronaut Group 13. Credit: NASA
This Month in NASA History: A Reunion at Mir

STS-89 reunites members of NASA Astronaut Group 13.

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