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NESC CKO Dan Yuchnovicz, left, and the boilerplate Orion crew module, which helped gather water impact test data used by the NESC. The module was painted black to use a highly accurate photogrammetry technique for position and attitude tracking.
Knowledge Community Corner: NESC’s Dan Yuchnovicz

Dan Yuchnovicz discusses knowledge sharing at the NASA Engineering and Safety Center.

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Marton Forkosh is pictured above Earth's horizon and the blackness of space. The International Space Station is featured in this image photographed in 2011 by a space shuttle Endeavor crew member. Photo Credits: NASA
Knowledge Community Corner: GRC’S Marton Forkosh

Marton Forkosh discusses knowledge sharing at NASA’s Glenn Research Center.

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Mike Lipka
Knowledge Community Corner: NSC’s Mike Lipka

Ask The Academy Vol. 6, Issue 3 Mike Lipka offers insight into the knowledge management services offered by the NASA Safety Center.

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CKO Corner: SSC’s John Stealey
Knowledge Community Corner: SSC’s John Stealey

Ask the Academy Vol. 5, Issue 12 John Stealey shares his insights about knowledge management at Stennis Space Center.

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CKO Corner: KSC's Michael Bell
Knowledge Community Corner: KSC’s Michael Bell

Ask the Academy Vol. 5, Issue 9 Kennedy Space Center’s Michael Bell talks about the state of knowledge at his center.

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