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The GIDEP Logo–Government-Industry Data Exchange Program. Credit: GIDEP
Spotlight on Lessons Learned: Improved Operations and Backlog Management of NANADARTS at GRC

Increased awareness and improved processes helped to quickly eliminate a massive backlog of NANADARTS documents.

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An image of Raven Zero Pressure Balloon being inflated.The Exo-Atmospheric Aerobrake was tested during the August 2019 flight campaign. Photo Credit: NASA
Podcast Episode 111: Flight Opportunities

NASA Flight Opportunities Program Manager Danielle McCulloch discusses rapid demonstration of technologies and capabilities for NASA missions and commercial spaceflight.

The rare sight of a Wolf-Rayet star captured by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope in unprecedented detail. Massive stars race through their lifecycles, and only some of them go through a brief Wolf-Rayet phase before going supernova. Photo Credit: NASA
Webb’s First Year of Impressive Science

Space telescope reveals key details of early galaxies, exoplanets.  

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More than 5,000 exoplanets have been identified, representing only a small fraction of total number and displaying the great diversity in the universe. Illustration Credit: Artist’s illustration/NASA/JPL-Caltech
Worlds Around Small Star Come into Focus

Technology builds understanding of Crater constellation.

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Test of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management (UTM) technical capability Level 2 (TCL2) at Reno-Stead Airport, Nevada. During the test, five drones simultaneously crossed paths, separated by altitude. Two drones flew beyond visual line-of-sight and three flew within line-of-sight of their operators. Engineers Priya Venkatesan and Joey Mercer review flight paths using the UAS traffic management research platform at flight operations mission control at NASA’s UTM TCL2 test. Credit: NASA
Podcast Episode 110: APPEL Knowledge Services

NASA Chief Knowledge Officer and APPEL Knowledge Services Director Tiffany Smith discusses knowledge sharing and learning and development.

President Ronald Reagan (tan suit) waves from the podium as thousands of spectators cheer. More than half a million people gathered to watch Space Shuttle Columbia touch down following STS-4. The prototype Space Shuttle Enterprise is behind Reagan. Photo Credit: NASA
This Month in NASA History: Fourth of July Present to Remember

Columbia impresses Apollo veteran Ken Mattingly.

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Screenshot of Ralph Basilio during his interview. Photo Credit: NASA
Critical Knowledge inSight: Being Flexible

A project manager needs to adapt to changing circumstances that arise during their project. The project manager needs to remain focused on the project requirements and not be fixated on the design or implementation path.

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ARMD artist’s concept. Photo Credit: NASA
Knowledge Community Corner: NASA ARMD’s Ian Boyd

Ian Boyd discusses knowledge sharing in NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate.

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During a recent test, scientists at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston successfully extracted oxygen from simulated lunar soil.
Featured Video: NASA Extracts Oxygen From Lunar Soil Simulant

During a recent test, scientists at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston successfully extracted oxygen from simulated lunar soil.

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