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“In This Issue: ASK Magazine Experiences Change”

By Denise Lee

The first issue of ASK Magazine was released in January 2001, the brainchild of Dr. Edward Hoffman and Dr. Alexander Laufer. I came to work on this project in May of 2001, and at that time the Knowledge Sharing Initiative at APPL was a ‘start up’. As with any ‘start up’ the hope within the new team was that we would be successful, but the question loomed large: What did success look like?

Dr. Edward Hoffman, the APPL Director, wrote in the first issue of ASK, “ASK will provide a format that is easy, accessible and open. The stories and columns that appear in this bi-monthly magazine will offer simple yet powerful advice, lessons, insights, humor and narratives that underscore what makes NASA projects so meaningful — the competence and passion of the people who work on them.”

We have come a long way since then. Success has been glimpsed on many occasions. This success, as Dr. Hoffman pointed out, can be attributed to the competence and the passion of our team, and of course all of the wonderful storytellers over the years. The Knowledge Sharing team, through their hard work and dedication, elevated ASK from a ‘start up’ to the award-winning publication that it is today. I would like to express the sentiments of the entire APPL team by commending the work that Todd Post and, more recently, Jody Brady did in contributing to taking this publication from obscurity to become a premier project management publication.

The APPL Knowledge Sharing Initiative with its many tangible benefits and ASK as its premier produuct, is now recognized across NASA, the Federal Government, and the Private Sector as an example of innovation in government. Todd had been with ASK from the beginning and was instrumental in crafting and shaping the magazine. As with any innovative initiative, there were times when Todd had to fight and scratch to gain ground and achieve the next level of success. It was Todd’s unwavering dedication for which we always remember him. The team and I wish them all the best as Todd and Jody move on to pursue new opportunities.

In the next issue of ASK Magazine we will be introducing you to the new Editor, who will be working with the Editor in Chief, Dr. Alexander Laufer, to launch ASK to the next level of success. Until then, I will be Acting Editor and can be contacted for any questions or requests that you need addressed. (Please use the + Feedback link at the bottom of each page of the magazine to submit your questions or requests.)

Your comments, as always, are appreciated on the interviews, stories and columns shared in this issue of ASK Magazine.

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