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ASK Interactive (<em>ASK</em> 44)

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Whats Next for NASA?

The end of the Space Shuttle program marks the end of an era for NASA, but not the end of NASA’s ambitious goals for space exploration, aeronautics, science, and technology. In July, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden spoke about the agency’s future: “As a former astronaut and the current NASA Administrator, I’m here to tell you that American leadership in space will continue for at least the next half-century because we have laid the foundation for success—and failure is not an option.” To learn more about NASA’s future and to hear Administrator Bolden’s full speech, visit

International Space Apps Challenge

Demonstrating its commitment to the Open Government Partnership, NASA will work with space agencies around the world to coordinate an International Space Apps Challenge to be held in 2012 that will encourage scientists and citizens from all seven continents—and in space—to create, build, and invent new solutions to address challenges of global importance. The unique challenges posed by spaceflight often result in solutions to issues we see every day on Earth, and developing these solutions can be expedited when leveraging the expertise and entrepreneurial spirit of those outside government institutions. To learn more about the upcoming challenge, visit

NASA Internships

Want to learn more about NASA from the inside? NASA offers several educational opportunities for students, including internships at its field centers. To find out more about available internships, visit Have ideas about additional educational opportunities you’d like to see NASA offer? Submit them at

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