Updates to APPEL’s YouTube Channel

The Academy’s YouTube channel now includes new ways to access practitioner stories, insight, and knowledge.

Launched in 2008, APPEL’s YouTube channel has over 250 videos featuring a broad range of speakers including seasoned engineers, scientists, storytellers, policy makers, and young professionals from government, industry, academia, and international organizations.

Video from APPEL’s numerous events have been organized into new playlists dedicated to topics such as career development, storytelling, and systems engineering, and major programs including the International Space Station, Constellation, Space Shuttle, and Apollo.

Insights into NASA’s principal investigator-led missions are also available through the Principal Investigator (PI) Forum playlist. These videos captured reflections and lessons learned from practitioners who worked on projects such as the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE), Wide-Field Infrared Explorer (WIRE), Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX), and many more. In this series, NASA practitioners also explain how various roles like program executives and project scientists support PI-led missions at agency.

To explore APPEL’s video content, visit the APPEL YouTube channel.

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