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JPL CKO Featured in Microsoft Knowledge Management Interview

Microsoft’s Javier Vasquez, left, interviews JPL’s David Oberhettinger.

Photo Credit: NASA

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) CKO David Oberhettinger is the featured guest on a recent episode of Microsoft Azure Media Services’ X-Box side talk interview series.

During the JPL Knowledge Management Discussion, Oberhettinger talks about the benefit knowledge management provides to government organizations and the competitive advantage it affords private companies. The general manager of the Microsoft Washington, D.C. office conducted the interview.

JPL, Microsoft Research and NASA IT Labs partnered to develop JPL Tube, the first service that allows personnel within the JPL firewall to upload or view videos. Because uploaded videos are auto-transcribed, a keyword search on the videos in JPL Tube – currently over 1,775 clips — will bring up one or more video snippets matching the search terms. Oberhettinger champions JPL Tube, NASA Tube and emerging commercial media repositories as a knowledge management game-changer because so much knowledge today is saved in access-limited media such as e-mail and e-calendars. In addition to turning spoken words into textual data for faster searches, the Microsoft Azure Media Services tools used to share knowledge via NASA Tube and JPL Tube support Section 508 compliance, face recognition, facial redaction, object-character recognition (OCR), content moderation such as profanity and nudity filtering, and automated video summarization.

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