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Mike Lipka
Knowledge Community Corner: NSC’s Mike Lipka

Ask The Academy Vol. 6, Issue 3 Mike Lipka offers insight into the knowledge management services offered by the NASA Safety Center.

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CKO Corner: JSC’s Jean Engle and Brent Fontenot - Mission Control
Knowledge Community Corner: JSC’s Jean Engle and Brent Fontenot

Ask the Academy Vol. 6, Issue 2 Jean Engle and Brent Fontenot discuss knowledge management at Johnson Space Center.

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Ed Hoffman, NASA's Chief Knowledge Officer
Toward Knowledge Resilience

By Ed Hoffman  Eleven years ago, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a report about NASA’s effectiveness—or lack of effectiveness—as a knowledge organization.

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CKO Corner: ARMD’s Susan Minor
Knowledge Community Corner: ARMD’s Susan Minor

Ask the Academy Vol. 6, Issue 1 Susan Minor shares her insights about knowledge management practices within the Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate.

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CKO Corner: SSC’s John Stealey
Knowledge Community Corner: SSC’s John Stealey

Ask the Academy Vol. 5, Issue 12 John Stealey shares his insights about knowledge management at Stennis Space Center.

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Knowledge and the Practitioners Mind-Set

By Ed Hoffman Who is responsible for the knowledge that NASA creates? Since being named NASA’s Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) at the beginning of 2012, I have given this question a lot of thought. Every center and mission directorate now has a CKO or point of contact who can speak to their organization’s approach to […]

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CKO Corner: MSFC’s Dale Thomas
Knowledge Community Corner: MSFC’s Dale Thomas

Ask the Acadmey  Vol. 5, Issue 10 Marshall Space Flight Center’s Dale Thomas shares his perspective about the state of knowledge at his center.

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CKO Corner: KSC's Michael Bell
Knowledge Community Corner: KSC’s Michael Bell

Ask the Academy Vol. 5, Issue 9 Kennedy Space Center’s Michael Bell talks about the state of knowledge at his center.

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NASA’s Knowledge Imperative

By Ed Hoffman Like all large, knowledge-intensive organizations, NASA faces continuous challenges identifying, capturing, and sharing what it knows effectively. Knowledge is the coin of the realm at NASA. Need to understand something about engine cutoff sensors, the physiological impact of extended stays in low-Earth orbit, or how to drive a rover on Mars? That […]

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